DVT and New Jewelry

I got some unhappy news recently. I was put on birth control to help manage my PCOS a few months back, and it resulted in a DVT diagnosis last week. I don’t normally share these types of things on my website, but I mentioned on social media that–because of the blood thinner I’m on–I had to buy a medical ID bracelet. I ended up being switched to Metformin as a PCOS maintenance drug, which says right on the bottle that you should wear medical identification so people are aware you’re taking it.

With that in mind, I went shopping for an ID bracelet that wouldn’t depress me every time I glanced down at my wrist. I found one that I loved from Lauren’s Hope, and it arrived a few days ago. It’s even more beautiful in person. It’s got a nice weight, and the length is exactly what I wanted.

(I recommend following their measuring guide exactly unless you want yours tighter as a personal preference.)

This is the bracelet I bought. It’s the Harlow style. (What are the odds, right?)

IMG_20160524_131253 IMG_20160524_131342

I’m sharing a bit of my story and this link because of the overwhelming response the images received. It’s my hope that, if you’re required to wear one, that you can find a style that suits your personality instead of being stuck with a clinical reminder of why you need to wear one in the first place.





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I Am Officially…

aaI’m officially the woman who pushes her dog in a stroller. Cookie is getting older, and Lex is half her age with legs twice as long. This was our compromise so she could still adventure with us.

This is the model I chose (http://amzn.to/1LjfCJU). It’s exactly what I wanted. No complaints at all. Easy to fold up, easy to maneuver and plenty of room for both pups. Not that Lex ever gets tired of running ahead of us and marking his territory…


Romance When You Need It

This video is so perfect–and hilarious. I love it.

Well shoot. I tried embedding the video. You’ll have to head to their FB page to see it.