Evermine Has A Cover…

…and here it is.


Six Sentence Sunday

God willing and the creek don’t rise, I’m aiming to wrap this book up and have it ready for submission by December. That would be a pretty sweet Christmas present to myself, don’t you think? To know I’d finished another book? There is no greater relief. I’m still in the ohgodohgodohgod phase with this book.

Seeing Evermine’s cover this week was a good push when I needed it, though. 😉

After backing her against a stall, he lowered his head and waited for the crowd to take notice. They did, and shouts arose until she reached up and twined tentative fingers into his hair. He waited for common sense to kick in or an alternative to present itself, but her chin shot up and her lips parted sweet as any dream. He should have backed off, but the race fired hot in his blood. Marking her was a bad idea, a very bad idea. One he would regret any minute now.

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Evermine Has A Blurb!

Well, Evermine edits have been put to bed. A few days ago, I received the finalized version of its tagline, blurb and warning. I love the tagline. This time I had two options, and one really spoke to me. The blurb is all shiny thanks to the blurb editor and my editor. It’s so much better than the one I used during submission. *cough* The warning, however, was my contribution. I guess TPTB appreciate my sense of humor. 😉

He can be a slave to his past…or allow her love to free him.

There’s such a thing as too much change. Emma’s sister is mated. Revolution is brewing in her home realm. The last straw: her would-be mate is back from the dead and back under her skin—yet when it comes to the last five years, he’s not talking.

Desperate for a chance to start her own life, she answers the queen’s call to ensure equality for all of Askara’s newly freed slaves. It’s the perfect opportunity to escape a heartbreak in the making named Harper.

Harper loses a piece of his fractured soul when Emma walks away. His lies were meant to protect her from torturous years that drove him to the point of madness. Instead, when he comes to her a year later to help avert a crisis in a freed-slave community, the wedge those lies drove between them is firmly in place.

As their new lives collide with old wounds, they race to stop a threat that could not only destroy the queen, but send Harper back to the hell he escaped. Emma must decide if the man she still loves deserves equal rights to her heart.

Warning: This title contains torn pants, ripped gowns, and sand in uncomfortable places. It also includes one overcompensating villain, one gnarly priest, and two battered hearts willing to give this thing called love one last chance.


Evermine Excerpt

Guess what I have? Fresh from my inbox, I give you the finalized version (Yay! Edits are done!) of the first chapter of Evermine. 😀

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Dreaming of Evermine by Dawn B.

When I am sick I tend to do my best work. That may sound crazy as it makes my mind all fuzzy and it takes me a long time to process what I need to do, but it is for that reason that I do so well. I have to actually take the time to stop and think about what I am doing. Back in the middle of March Hailey asked me to read Evermine for her. My first instinct was YES! I want it, *gimme now*.  I had to inform her that I was sick, which was both good and bad. It would take me longer than normal to get through the book and get back to her on my thoughts. I also wanted to reread Everlong before I began reading Evermine to have it fresh in my mind.

Well because I was sick I was not getting very much sleep and I very much wanted to sleep badly, but I was up all hours of the night. It gave me plenty of time to read. When I did sleep, after finishing Evermine, that was when the fun stuff began. If you are a fan of the Harry Dresden books by Jim Butcher then you are aware of how he talks with himself in his subconscious. Well I had and out of body experience similar to that. There had been something bothering me about the book, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Instead of driving myself crazy about I thought I would let it go for the moment. I went to sleep, and instead I had a bizarre dream where I talked to myself about the book. [Read more…]

Six Sentence Sunday

I thought I was done with shares from this WIP, but it looks like I have one more week left in me.

After I let the MS sit for a couple of days, I decided to cut a character and subplot before sending Frost to my cps. Scary stuff, but the book is better for it. 🙂

Desire for his flavor made my fingers curl against the urge to capture fistfuls of his dark hair and yank until our mouths fused and his air supplied my starving lungs. Tempting him to me, I let my mouth hover dangerously close to his until he closed the distance with a groan that resonated through me as his chest pressed to mine.

His hands slid from my hips and behind until he cupped me to him. I shivered when the hard length of him pressed into my stomach. He nibbled the column of my throat. “I want you.”

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That New Contract Smell!

I am so pleased to announce that Evermine, the sequel to Everlong, has been contracted by Samhain Publishing.

This is the second novel in the Daughters of Askara series, and is Emma and Harper’s story. This book is very dear to me, because I love the two of them. They have been my favorite characters from page one, and I’m so excited to share their story with you all.

Next stop…cover art. 😀

Six Sentence Sunday

Here we go again.  🙂

“How is this not about you?” He said, “I buried the past. You’re the one toting a shovel.”

“If you were more open with me, I wouldn’t have to dig for information on my own.”

“What can your knowing possibly change?” His brow wrinkled.


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Six Sentence Sunday

By request, this week’s six picks up almost directly after last week’s excerpt. 😉

Then I sprinted down the hall and out the rear exit, skittering through gravel. Sunlight cost me my vision long enough I heard my sister’s pained cry before I saw her.

Maddie knelt beside Clayton, who sagged against the brick wall opposite the door he’d torn from its hinges to reach my sister. Her pale hands were stained red, and his right wing hung from his shoulder in tatters. Blood pooled at his hip. His black eyes shone with feral intensity, but each stroke of her hand down his cheek lulled his heaving chest into a more even rhythm.


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Six Sentence Sunday

This Sunday I’m knee deep in lime green paint and zebra striped wallpaper. Oh yeah, being mom to a preteen girl is an adventure.

“I don’t like this.”

I didn’t either. Drums pounded in my temples to a wanton beat. Around me, the room spun in clockwise circles. Drunken ambition sloshed through me. Yet I hadn’t had a sip of wine.

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